Monday, 23 January 2017

Exfoliating Body Treatments

Smooth Operator: Exfoliating Body Treatments

Who doesn’t love a good scrub? Whether we’ve been working out, or spending long hours in boots and leggings, mid-winter is the perfect time to get it all off—flaky skin, that is. Exfoliation, whether through manual manipulation or by using chemicals to loosen dead skin cells and debris, is a form of deep cleansing that can be an important step in maintaining a healthy-looking complexion as well as a well-functioning protective skin barrier.
Exfoliation in one form or another has been practiced literally for ages. Ancient Egyptians used abrasive tapes of alabaster, honey and sour milk to loosen cells, then followed with a good scrub of finely ground sand. While methods of exfoliation have become more sophisti­­cated, the goal still remains the same—soft, smooth skin.
You can exfoliate the body to get rid of the outer layers of dead skin cells using a host of different methods. The key is to use the right method or tool for the skin type. There are three types of exfoliation: manual (implements or devices), granular (scrubs and abrasives) and chemical (acids and enzymes). This article will review body protocols for all three, which you can bring into your spa to give clients glowing, beautiful skin.
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