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Almond Hand Cream

. Keep Buzzin’ Hand Creams

Natural Hand Cream
I love the hand creams from Keep Buzzin’ Body Products. I have one by my desk and one by my bed on the nightstand. They’re thick and creamy in texture (but not greasy), and they’re richly scented without the fragrance being overwhelming. I’ve tried the Tangerine, Cherry-Almond, and Lavender scents — and while I like them all, I’d have to say the Cherry-Almond is my favorite. (You can also choose a non-scented option.) These hand creams include cocoa, mango, cupuacu and shea butters and never include parabens, sulfates, oxy benzone or added color.

This company also seems flat-out cool. The packaging and branding is fun and pretty, and they even use jars made in the U.S. out of 100 percent recycled materials. Their slogan is “Good for Your Body — Good for the Planet.”

Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-health/natural-beauty-products-gift-guide-zb0z1312zsto.aspx#ixzz2p18a605f

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How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags~


As we get older, the fight that we put up against gravity constantly starts to lose out. Our skin has an elasticity factor inbuilt in it. As we get older, the elasticity starts to lose out. The fat that is behind the skin starts to droop and the skin elasticity wears off and hence, the skin starts to sag. Under eye bags is a common but inevitable sign of aging. When we are young the healthy skin and the tight muscles hold the fat back. As we grow older, we lose out the fight against gravity and we end up with puffy bags that outline our eyes. There can be many causes for which one can develop under eye bags. As per the cause, the symptoms will vary. There are simple home remedies that one can resort to in order to keep those under eye bags away or at least, to a minimum.

Causes Of Under Eye Bags

Besides gravity working on our skin and the aging process becoming evident, there are other causes that can lead to under eye bags:
•    It could be due to the diet that you are following – when one follows a crash diet and restricts the amount of fat and carbs intake to a great deal, it could show effects with tired and baggy eyes.
•    The ways one sleeps can also lead to under eye bags
•    Allergies could also lead to puffy eyes and eyes that have bags under them
•    Cold or a sinus infection can lead to water build up under the eyes
•    If one has consumed salty food or spent a night crying, it could lead to puffiness under the eyes as a result of osmosis

Symptoms Of Under Eye Bags

The symptoms of under eye bags are usually common and do not have any pain or discomfort attached to them:
•    The skin under the eye is swollen
•    The skin is layered and dark in appearance
•    The eyes look tired due to the under eye bags

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags may be a common phenomenon but it is easy to get simple fixes for them at home. Under eye bags makes one look tired, old and fatigued. That can dampen one’s appearance. It is best that the effective home remedies are employed to control such a condition.

1.    Treat The Allergy

If you have hay fever, it would be best that you treat it so that:
•    The puffiness around the eye is reduced
•    Over the counter or common allergy medications can help

2.    Opt For A Neti Pot

Usually fluid build up in the nasal cavity and facial areas leads to puffiness under the eyes.
•    Taking steam
•    Irrigating the nasal passageways can help to relieve the fluid build up and reduce the puffiness or under eye bags.

3.    Change The Sleeping Position

Sometimes the under eye bags are caused due to the kind of sleeping position that one adopts:
•    Sleeping on the side
•    Sleeping on one’s stomach
These are some positions that encourage fluids to collect under the eyes. One can sleep on their back and keep an extra pillow under their head to reduce under eye bags.

4.    Rubbing Eyes Frequently

Are you in the habit of rubbing your eyes frequently? There are some people who have such a habit. It could lead to:
•    The skin being irritated under the eyes more often
•    Dirt and wrinkles build up under the eyes

5.    Remove The Eye Make Up

Some women tend to sleep with the eye make up on. If the eye makeup is not removed, the chemical in the makeup will:
•    Irritate the sensitive area under the eye
•    Lead to fluid building up under the eyes
Such habits need to be changed and one will surely take better care of their under eye area in such ways.

6.    Stop Smoking

It is best that one gives up smoking if they have such a habit:
•    Smoking can weaken the collagen tissues
•    It can lead to premature wrinkles to form and makes the skin sag faster
Thus, women who are really bothered about their appearance and the youthfulness of their skin need to stop this deadly habit right away.

7.    Sun Exposure

Sun exposure also weakens the collagen tissues and the delicate skin like the under eye areas become subjected to wrinkles soon:
•    Exposure to the sun is okay as long as the face skin is shielded
•    One should make use of sunscreen and sunglasses to shield this delicate part of the eyes

8.    Moisturize The Area

As we age, the skin starts to lose out on its moisture content. In order to prevent the under eye bags and the skin from looking wrinkly and old, one can resort to daily and nightly habits of:
•    Applying moisturizer in the under eye area before sleeping
•    Use a moisturizing cleanser to remove the makeup

9.    Use Of Cucumber And Other Items

It is known that use of cold cucumber slices on the puffy eyes helps to reduce the swelling. Other things that prove effective are:
•    Chilled and used tea bags
•    Pack of frozen peas
•    Cold spoons
Such items will help to reduce the swelling.

10.    Drink Lots Of Water

It has been seen that, when salt build up occur more in the under eye areas, it leads to under eye bags.
•    One should increase their intake of water
•    It helps to flush out the salt and toxins from the system and help to make the skin appear fresh and hydrated.
Are you worrying too much or having late nights? You need to get rest and adequate sleep:
•    It will make one appear fresh
•    The under eye bags and puffiness under the eye will reduce

12.    Stay Happy

It is known that staying happy will not only reduce the fine lines and wrinkles but also help us:
•    Stay cheerful
•    Make our eyes and under eye areas look healthy
Are you worrying that the under eye bags are spoiling your appearance? Are you waking up with puffy eyes every morning? The above remedies will surely help you to find a way out of such a dilemma and have a more fresh and youthful looking skin and eyes.
Photo Credit: Simon James, Flickr

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Frugal facial:

Slice up a cucumber and boil it in a pot of water. The chemicals inside of the cucumber will mix with the steam. Remove the pot from heat and lean over it, letting the steam hit you. Your skin will be more radiant and healthy, and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.



1. Fat busting: Do you ever wonder why women put cucumbers on their eyes to relieve puffiness? The photochemical in cucumbers makes the collagen in your skin tighten, thus the lack of puffiness. Did you know that you can rub a cucumber on a problematic spot of cellulite anywhere on your body to lessen the visibility of it? Did you also know that it has the same effect on wrinkles? Wow, it makes purchasing those fifty dollar creams seem a little silly, doesn’t it? You can also rub a little bit under your kiddo’s eyes after a long bout of crying to avoid that puffy ‘I cried for an hour straight’ look.

2. Defogger: Do you get annoyed when you get out of the shower and you have to fight the fog on the mirror? Who has time for that when the kids will be awake at any moment? Try rubbing a slice of cucumber on the mirror before you hop in and not only will you get a fog-free mirror, but you’ll have a nice smell that will boost your mood.

3. Headaches: If you suffer from headaches from chasing your babies all day (or pets or your husband), or had a little too much wine with dinner and want to avoid a hangover, eat half of a cucumber before bed. Cucumbers are high in B vitamins, sugar, and electrolytes, and they replenish the nutrients missing in your body to help you avoid a hang over or to beat that headache that’s been threatening to take over.

4. WD-40 replacement: Did you know you can get rid of a squeak by rubbing a cucumber on the hinge? Wow, now you don’t have to tear your garage apart looking for that little can with the red straw, and the baby won’t wake up when you slowly open the nursery door to check on him.

5. Crayon on the walls: Take an unpeeled cucumber and rub the crayon off of the walls in the event that your kiddo left you some art. You can also use this technique to erase a pen mistake.

6. Halitosis killer: Take a slice of cucumber and put it on the roof of your mouth. Hold it there with your tongue for 30 seconds. The photochemical that you love for cellulite and puff reduction will also kill the bacteria that is causing your bad breath.

7. Tarnish remover: If you’re finding tarnish on your stainless steel kitchen faucets and appliances? Rub it off with a cucumber slice. Not only will it remove years of tarnish, it will leave it streak free and your hands will thank you, and your kids won’t be put at risk from a dangerous chemical.

8. Energy booster: If you’re feeling tired in the afternoon, don’t give Starbucks your five bucks. Instead, grab a cucumber. There are just enough carbohydrates and B vitamins to give you a longer-lasting and healthier boost of energy than soda, coffee, or those health hazard energy drinks.

9. Munchy madness: Did you know that European trappers ate cucumbers for energy and to keep from starving to death? If those big burly manly men can eat a cucumber to keep from starving, you can eat one as a healthy choice when the munchies hit. Slice some up and take them in a small plastic container to the movies if your theater doesn’t offer healthy alternatives to munching on butter soaked popcorn.

10. Frugal facial: Slice up a cucumber and boil it in a pot of water. The chemicals inside of the cucumber will mix with the steam. Remove the pot from heat and lean over it, letting the steam hit you. Your skin will be more radiant and healthy, and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

11. Shoe polish: Cut a slice off of your cucumber and rub it on your shoe. It will not only shine it up, but it will repel water.

12. Pest control: Put three or four slices of cucumber in a small pie tin and place them in your garden. The chemicals in the cucumber have a reaction that pests hate. You won’t smell it, but it will drive them from your garden all year long. Replace them periodically.

13. Sunburn: Sometimes sun block doesn’t always protect your little ones from sunburn. If you have burnt little kiddos you don’t have any aloe, rub some cucumber on them. Many doctors even use cucumber to treat patients with irritated skin and sunburns.

14. Blood pressure: Cucumber has been long used to treat high blood pressure. If you have it, add cucumbers to your daily diet. There is also ongoing research into the use of cucumbers for lowering cholesterol.

15. Constipation remedy: The seeds of a cucumber are a diuretic. If you’re constipated, try eating a cucumber. If you suffer from chronic constipation, add cucumber to your daily diet

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Home Remedies for Bags under Your Eyes

1. Apply Coconut Oil for 3 weeks and dark circles will vanish.
2. Apply Castor Oil around the eyes before sleeping and wash in the morning for 2 weeks.
3. Astringent egg white tightens pores and reduces puffy bagginess. Dab half a teaspoon of one raw egg white around eyes. Leave it on for 15 minutes until it dries then rinse well with warm water.
4. Put 2 metal spoons in the freezer and press under your eyes until the spoons are no longer cold.
5. Tea bags, warm or at room temp.
6. Cucumbers.
7. Almond Oil & Honey Half & Half Mixture before Bed. (See Recipe Below)
8. Mix Flour, Orange Juice and Honey. Freeze it. Rub it on for 10-15 minutes.
9. Take a wet wash cloth, sprinkle rosemary and other aroma herbs on to it, roll it up, and pop in the microwave for a minute. Lay on eyes until cold
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Garlic milk is helpful to reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain of the joints caused by Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. It is also helpful to make our immune system stronger against all infectious (viral & bacterial) diseases.

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Natural lip glosses and balms

Natural lip glosses and balms are easy to create at home. Try this recipe for Fresh Spearmint Lip Gloss that will leave your lips feeling soothed and refreshed   .http://bit.ly/XotTH6

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Vitamin Water

Make your own vitamin water... Slice fruit very thin or cut small chunks, add water. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours and enjoy.. Yum! — with Sri Kurniati.

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Home Remedies for Dark Under-Eye Circles

Home Remedies for Dark Under-Eye Circleshttp://www.motherearthliving.com/real-beauty/home-remedies-for-dark-under-eye-circles.aspx#axzz2lb0EAcPN

Dark under-eye circles plague many of us. While short-term under-eye circles may be caused by lack of sleep, if the problem is consistent for you, it’s probably a cause of one of two things: genetics or allergies. Most under-eye circles are a result of genetically programmed pigmentation. The tissue around our eyes is also delicate, and as we age that skin becomes thinner and the fat from behind our eyes detaches and moves forward, pushing the pigment out. (Fair-skinned people and people with deep-set eyes tend to experience this problem more.) Dark under-eye circles can also be caused by allergies, which can create a congestion of fluid underneath the eyes and may also cause us to rub our eyes, which can worsen the appearance of dark circles. To keep your face looking refreshed, try these home remedies for dark under-eye circles.

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