Wednesday, 28 February 2018

5 Winter Skin Care Tips | Healthy Skin Portal

5 Winter Skin Care Tips | Healthy Skin Portal

For many of us, winter time is an unavoidable disaster for our skin, as cold temperatures and icy winds can leave our hands and faces dehydrated, itchy and uncomfortable for months. However, if you take a few preventative measures, you can keep your skin supple and glowing all through the winter season. Here are five helpful winter skin care tips to keep those cold weather cracks at bay:
1. Apply Moisturizer
The key to healthy winter skin probably seems obvious: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. For winter, trade in your lighter lotions for heavier, oil-based skin creams. (If you struggle with break-outs, avoid heavy oils on your face), and apply frequently. Be sure to moisturize right after showers, and before going outdoors. And moisturize whenever else you think of it, because it is so easy for our skin to lose moisture in the cold winter air, and the heated, dry air inside our homes. While the rest of your skin may be covered, part of your face is always exposed to winter elements. For those with extremely dry skin, try applying a heavy moisturizer specifically formulated for dry cracked skin in a thin layer on your face when you go to bed.
2. Humidify
The other great way to moisturize? Use a humidifier. It’s usually a good idea to start using a humidifier the first time you turn on the heat in the fall. If you haven’t tried this, you’ll be amazed at what a difference sufficiently humidified air will make for your skin.
3. Listen to Your Mom—Bundle Up!
Most importantly, use your gloves (and wear them at night if you like!). The skin on your hands is thinner and has fewer oil glands than skin on most other areas of the body. Hands lose moisture through the constant hand-washing we do during flu season (and during all seasons, if we’re germ-conscious). Add cold, dry air to this, and you’ll notice both discomfort and the deteriorating appearance of your hands. Don’t walk outside in the winter without your gloves on. If your hands are extremely dry, or you battle with eczema, wear moisture gloves over lotion-coated hands at night.
4. Remove Wet Clothes
If your socks or gloves get wet, shed them as quickly as possible. Wet clothing against the skin can cause irritation, itching, cracking and sores, not to mention frost bite in the worst of circumstances. Keep an extra pair of socks at work in case of emergency, and always lose the wet stuff the moment you’re in the door.
5. Apply Sunscreen
Don’t forget sunscreen. Skin can damage your skin 12-months a year, so even in the winter remember to apply before going outdoors. Try finding a heavy moisturizer with SPF protection.

Monday, 19 February 2018

RejudiCare Synergy 2CRM Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C
  • 2 forms of Vitamin C
    - fast acting L-Ascorbic Acid
    - slow release AAP for sustained protection
  • Part of the skin's own antioxidant protection
  • Repairs collagen
  • Ensures proper collagen cross-linking
  • Evens complexion by inhibiting tyrosinase
Vitamin E
  • Fat soluble antioxidant
  • Synergistic with Vitamin C
F3Acetyl Tripeptide-2
  • Repairs cell senescence
  • Slows natural aging signs at the cellular level
  • Protects against external aging factors 
  • Slows key internal aging factors
    (F3Acetyl Tripeptide-2)
  • Helps reduce the signs of aging
    - Fine lines and wrinkles
    - Skin appears firmer and healthier
    - Evens Skin Tone
    - Smoothes skin texture
  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing and cosmetically 
  • Custom, hypoallergenic fragrance
  • Compliments any anti-aging system

Saturday, 17 February 2018

RejudiCare Synergy 2CRM Sérum protecteur anti-rides avec vitamines C et E

Vitamine C
  • 2 formes of vitamine C
    - acide L-ascorbique à action rapide
    - AAP à action prolongé
  • Fait partie du système de protection naturelle de la peau
  • Détruit les radicaux libres
  • Repairs collagen
  • Répare le collagène
  • Important pour la fabrication du collagène
  • Uniformise le teint grâce à l'inhibition de la tyrosinase

Vitamine E
  • Antioxydant liposoluble
  • Travaille en synergie avec la vitamine C
  • Protège contre les facteurs de vieillissement
    externes (vitamines)
  • Aide à réduire les signes du vieillissement
    - Rides et ridules estompées
    - Uniformise le teint
    - Adoucit la texture de la peau
    - La peau apparaît plus ferme et en santé
  • Léger, cosmétiquement élégant,
    pénètre rapidement
  • Parfum unique et hypoallergénique
  • Complémentaire à tous les systèmes anti-âge.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


  • Aide la peau à paraître plus rehaussée, resserrée et définie
  • Rétablit la fermeté et l’élasticité
  • Estompe l’apparence des rides et ridules
  • Réduit l’apparence de la peau mince et « fripée »
  • Améliore la décoloration et le grain de la peau
  • Apporte une hydratation intense et pénétrante
  • Fournit une puissante protection antioxydante

Friday, 2 February 2018

Allumera® ~ Improves the overall appearance of the skin !

Allumera® is a a breakthrough topical cream –that is the first photodynamic cosmetic (PDC).