Monday 9 February 2015

26 seconds Is all it takes for the ‪‎parabens‬ in your skin care products to enter your bloodstream.

Paraben based products include Propylparaben , Phenoxyethanol , Methylparaben, Benzyl Benzoate, and Benzyl Salicylate. 26 seconds is all it takes for the Paraben in your skin care products to enter your bloodstream.

Most of the cosmetic industry could not care less that many studies have directly linked ‪#‎Paraben‬ based products to breast cancer and disrupting body's endocrine system. As a result, different derivatives of Parabens are commonly used in cosmetics, skin care products, sunscreens, deodorants or antiperspirants.
 In fact, 99% of breast cancer tissues have alarming level of Parabens.

The good news is that WE CARE! We care about your health and want you to live a happy life that is disease free. We are committed to deliver as much information to you to keep you up to date on the latest health news for your body....inside and out!

‪#‎Indermica‬ is a company that also cares! Their products are all #Paraben Free and ‪#‎Hydroquinone‬ Free. Sadly, many dark spot correctors still use ingredients proven dangerous. Using a product with these ingredients can have worse effects than simply not seeing results. These can cause serious damage to your health:

Hydroquinone: this carcinogenic chemical is actually banned in many places, including the EU- but not the US! Why? Besides increasing skin sensitivity, it has been linked to cancer growth! This is not something  you want to be rubbing into your skin.

#Indermica has developed products that will give you the results hydroquinone will give, without the harmful effects. Their revolutionary products deliver vibrant skin by ridding you of dark spots and melasma.

Source:  Complete Skin Care

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